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Our Story

Murray Community Services Inc. commenced in 2015 and took 12 months to build and officially have opened our doors.

Murray Community Services Inc. was conceived by a simple look at the problems in the Riverland Towns which were poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, mental health issues which have mainly stemmed from high unemployment.

There are so many families suffering from social disadvantage and as our services are constantly culled, it becomes very difficult for these families to receive the assistance they need to advance with dignity in our communities.

Our programs have been designed to improve the social, physical, and mental situations our community deals with on a daily basis by offering training in life skills, budgeting, becoming self sufficient, and employment opportunities for at-risk participants of varying age groups and basic unmet needs.

Our programs also give participants the experience of giving back to the community by being in a not for profit, charity organisation which is able to provide suitable day to day tasks for participants to complete, it’s about providing activities that develop real skills while at the same time achieving goals for the organisation. Its win-win.

Our micro businesses are: -

  • Café- Coffee & cake eat in /Takeaway meals.
  • Op-shop- customer services, basic accounting, administration, on line sales.

What makes us different

Riverland Employment and Training Services Inc. is a one of kind package, 0ffering participants and people of the Riverland home support, counselling, basic needs, training and/or employment to people who are typically excluded from the mainstream economy thus creating capacity and self-sufficiency for individuals and families.


Support and assistance will always be available internally and externally by use of networking with other agencies and services.

If you’re experiencing homelessness or are in need of emergency support, we want to help.

We can support you in lifestyle choices that will enhance your quality of life, and enable you to live independently while feeling connected to a supportive community.

Our programs and services equip you with the tools you need to live a positive and healthy lifestyle.

  • with food, clothing and Furniture
  • seeking emotional, physical, and mental support
  • bringing in an income through employment, skills and training
  • finding resources and support including social support, community connection and activities 


If you’re struggling, you’re not alone, we understand it can be a struggle to afford basic necessities, especially with a family, which is why we have meals, food hampers and food stores that you can access.

If you’re stressed about feeding yourself or your family, please contact us on 0431348953 and leave a message.


Our training module is based on using the individuals, skills and knowledge to assist in gaining employment skills.

People who face multiple and complex barriers to employment are more likely to be affected by unemployment.

Murray Community Services Inc. Assists in: -

  • Support families with food, furniture, and the basic house hold items, clothing linen, crockery, cooking items and utensils
  • Assist in return to work support and skills
  • Support in accessing external services
  • Build vulnerable people’s skills and capabilities using their abilities.
  • Assist Jobseekers find and keep a job
  • Assist job seekers meet their mutual agreements
  • Help job seekers move from welfare to work
  • Participate in activities to gain skills, experience and confidence


Further job creation will continue at Murray Community Services Inc. grows with in the community into many micro businesses.

These micro businesses that are created are income bearing business’s and will therefore support themselves in the long term.

The reasoning behind a diversified business model is that it opens the doors to many different types of employment & training and thus gives everyone the opportunity to try something different or new.

We do not look at productivity but in the individual learning new skills to help them become job ready.

We Offer:-

  • Business and Administration
  • Customer services
  • Retail
  • Catering
  • Cooking homecooked meals for homeless distribution
  • Health and Hygiene principles
  • Work Health and Safety
  • Café General cooking.
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